A Little More about the Cake Show

The members of the Contra Costa Cake and Sugar Art Society welcome you to our cake show. Entries are open to the public. In addition to an opportunity to showcase your cake decorating skills, the show will have exciting demonstrations and mini classes as well as numerous prizes to be awarded. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase onsite for other exciting prizes.

  1. Read the following information
  2. After you have read the important dates and information you can register  your entries.  Individual Registrations ONLY.
  3. Select your correct Division
  4. Do you only want to enter your prize winning cupcakes in the Guittard Cupcake Challenge OR take hands on Mini Classes and no other entry to the cake show?  Register Here.


Early Bird Deadline: September 22, 2018After September 22, 2018
$10 Registration Fee plus $5.00 each entry
$15 Registration Fee plus $5.00 each entry
$7 Registration Fee plus $3.00 each entry
* Youth/Teens
$10 Registration Fee plus $3.00 each entry

Registration Ends: October 5, 2018. No registration of entries will be accepted after this date and onsite registration will not be available.

General Show Rules –
– Electrical outlets are not available for any displays. Any moving or motorized elements on your cake MUST be powered by battery, which you will provide.
– Displays must be set up during the times indicated. At the end of the setup period, all work must stop. Judging will commence promptly at designated time posted. Any entry not checked in and setup by the posted time frame may be displayed but will not be judged.
– Displays must remain on display until after the award ceremony, no later than 4:00. Any displays not picked up by 4:30pm on the day of show will be disposed of.
– Real cakes or dummy cakes are acceptable. Dummy cake entries must emulate an actual cake form.
Sculpted cakes must be made and presented in 60% real cake; submission of at least two ‘in-progress’ photos is required for sculpted cakes. If you are unclear as to whether your cake should be considered sculpted, contact the organizers for guidance.
– Edible decorations are preferred.
– No feathers
– Non-edible decorations (cold porcelain, etc.) and purchased flowers may be used but will be judged accordingly and may lose points in the judging process. We encourage the use of sugar and other edible mediums throughout your display.
– The Show Committee and the judges reserve the right to disqualify displays that, at their discretion, are in poor taste or fail to adhere to program rules.
– All work must be the sole work of the participant, this includes ‘Youth/Teens’ divisional entries.

With the following exceptions, for all youth 12 and under:
Parents are allowed to bake cakes and prepare only. Youth must color icing and complete all decorations
Both parent and youth must sign entry form signifying that they have read and agree to these rules.
– The entrant may have assistance in setting up the display during check-in and setup time only; however, all work on the display must be the sole work of the entrant.
– While every precaution will be taken to ensure that your display is not touched and/or damaged,First Lutheran Church and the Contra Costa Cake and Sugar Art members and volunteers will not be liable for any loss or damage during the time of the show. The use of expensive or irreplaceable
table decorations is used at your own risk.

Additional Show Rules
– You may enter in as many categories in the division you believe you belong in no more than one entry in each category so you do not complete against yourself.
– Entries from other cake shows are acceptable as long as they are not more than one year old and have not been previously entered in any of the past Contra Costa Cake & Sugar Art Society cake shows.
– A 24” x 24” space will be assigned for each display, to allow space between entries.

– Absolutely no advertising of any kind is allowed on or near display tables. Entries must be made in the name of the individual who completed the entry NOT A BUSINESS NAME. Your business card can be placed near entry on Sunday, October 14 after results of judging are made public.

– Entries and/or participants may be photographed and photos may be used at the discretion of the
Contra Costa Cake and Sugar Art Society. Please arrive with enough time to have your piece photographed before judging.

Designing and Creating your Showpiece
– Be original – we want to see your work, not a duplicate from a book or another competition.
Use your skills and imagination when designing and creating your competition pieces.
o Do not use copyrighted characters or themes in your entries (such as Disney, Pixar, etc.).
o As a source of inspiration for competitors you may utilize different sources such as, the internet, cake decorating books or magazines for your work. Learn and be inspired from others creations but try not to duplicate prior works exactly.
o While we do not know all competition work from previous shows, we encourage you to create something new for this show.
– Pay attention to details. Judges look for: neatness, uniformity, balance and precision.
– Larger doesn’t always mean better. We have seen many cakes that are large and over the top on design, however a small more precise piece has won.
– Present your work on a covered cake board/base. Make sure the board is strong enough to support your work and is footed at least ½ inch from table. The board/base is an integral part of your display, so incorporate it in your overall design, not as an afterthought.

o Suggestions for board coverings include: fondant, royal icing, decorative foil or fabric.
However, if fabric is used care should be taken to ensure it does not come into direct contact with the cake.
o Make the covering neat, finish the edges and extend the design to incorporate your board/base.
– Tiered cakes need to be in proportion and balanced
– When using real cakes they should be level and free of crumbs
– Fondant cakes should be smooth and without bumps or cracks
– Borders should be uniform with no visible stops or starts
– Icing colors should be pleasing and not clash with boards, ribbons, etc. Colors should not be faded or run together. Remember colors change when dry and colors of different icing mediums may not always match. You might want to practice before you make your final piece.
– Try to use as many sugar-based mediums to execute your decorations
o Fondant, Gum Paste, Isomalt, Royal Icing, Buttercream, etc.